Casa de Campo


Altos de Chavon

A captivating, man-made marvel of epic proportions...

Altos de Chavon, is an architectural wonder, a 16th century replica of a Mediterranean village perched high above the Chavón River. The village was designed by Dominican architect Jose Antonio Caro, and created by Italian master designer and cinematographer Roberto Coppa. Dominican artisans handcrafted the stone pathways, decorative ironwork, furniture and enchanting buildings, reviving almost forgotten crafts of metal work and stone carving. Under Coppa´s direction, each stone was hand cut, each wooden door frame was handcrafted and each wrought-iron detail hand-forged. Construction of the village began in 1976 and the village was inaugurated in 1982 with the concert of Frank Sinatra at the amphitheater.

Altos de Chavon was built as a center of culture for the Dominican people. Dominican residents, tourists and working artists, flock to this magically inspirational locale.

Stroll along cobblestone streets and enjoy the architectural grandeur of days gone by as you take in the detailed, amazing quality craftsmanship of yesteryear. Quaint shops, boutiques, art galleries, fine restaurants and an archeological museum are just a sampling of the world that awaits atop the picturesque cliffs of Casa de Campo.

Today, this amazing village is the site of many fine restaurants, boutiques, museums and the Altos de Chavon School of Design affiliated with Parson´s School of Design in New York.

Throughout Altos de Chavon, breathtaking venues provide a memorable backdrops for milestone celebrations. The St. Stanislaus Church, plazas and terraces are just a few of the sites available for special occasions.

The Art Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of national culture through the exhibition of Dominican art. A crucial expository platform for art and design students, the Gallery also serves as host to high-level international exhibitors. Dominican artists who show at the Gallery gain vital access to the large number of worldwide visitors to Altos de Chavon. At the same time, international artists exhibiting at the Gallery are offered entree to the Dominican art community, resulting in a rich dialogue and cross-cultural interchange.

Plan to spend time exploring the wonders of the Altos de Chavon village. The art galleries, museums, boutiques and amazing sights around each turn.



The heartbeat of the Performing Arts Center of the Altos de Chavon School of Design is the 5,000 seat Grecian-style amphitheater. This architectural marvel was inaugurated by the late Frank Sinatra in 1982 with a live HBO special, which still airs on PBS stations throughout the US as "The Concert of the Hemispheres." Today, the amazing site is choice venue of many music videos, touring concerts and private celebrations. Live performances have included: Sting, Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Marc Anthony, Spyro Gyra, Michel Camilo, Juan Luis Guerra, Air Supply, Julio Iglesias, Placido Domingo, and more. Kandela! the Caribbean musical review, is performed here each week throughout the winter months while year-round it is the site for international touring concerts.


Archeological Museum

A must see for all ages is The Archeological Regional Museum, located behind the Church of St. Stanislaus. Often overlooked, the museum is rich with pre-Columbian artifacts that document the island's history. Featuring an extraordinary collection of more than 3,000 artifacts, including important pieces that have been featured in exhibits at the Museo del Barrio in New York, at the Petite Palais in Paris, and in Seville, Spain as a part of the Quincentenary of the Discovery of America.

If you are looking for an educational / cultural experience during your Casa de Campo vacation, this Museum should be added to your "must-see" list.


Restaurants & Bars

While visiting the Altos de Chavon village, there quite a few dining establishments for meals, afternoon treats, or for cool, refreshing drinks from morning until well into the evening. Many restaurants in the evening require reservations. Be sure to check prior to your arrival.

At night, the village comes alive as several establishments feature music and dancing!



For unique, one of a kind local crafts the Altos de Chavon village is the place to shop. Here you will find distinctive fine jewels, fashions, fine cigars, hand-crafted embroidered linens and more. Future designers from the Altos de Chavon School of Design also have a shop here that features pottery, fine arts, woven crafts and more. A purchase at this store supports the school and, who knows - you might acquire an item that may become highly valuable one day! For great memories to take home and wonderful gifts for those who were unable to join you, visit the boutiques at the Altos de Chavon village.

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The School of Design

The Altos de Chavon School of Design is located in the international art and design community of Altos de Chavon in La Romana, Dominican Republic. The School's multicultural approach to art and design education, encompasses two years of intensive professional training, encourages graduates to compete in international design circles, to broaden their education in the fine and applied arts, and to serve as the creative lifeblood for emerging industry.

The vigorous art and design program leads to the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in one of three major concentrations: fashion design, communication design, and Fine Arts/illustration. Under a unique curriculum, graduates of Altos de Chavón School of Design may then opt for a BFA program at Parson The New School for Design.

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St. Stanislaus Church

At the heart of the Altos de Chavon village is the Church of St. Stanislaus. Consecrated in 1979, Pope John Paul II sent the ashes of Poland's patron saint, St. Stanislaus and a hand-carved statue from Krakow to commemorate the church´s inauguration. The church is the site of weekly Catholic masses and is a treasured site for many weddings - whose brides and grooms come from around the world to be married here.

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