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The Palm Tree Kennel is a beautiful facility at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center and offers expert dog training and boarding for villa owners and guests who want to bring their dogs on vacation. Dogs must have a veterinary certificate for international travel and all injections must be current, and advance reservations are required. Please verify all requirements for international pet travel with your airline. Dogs are permitted only at the kennel, and not in the resort hotel rooms or villas.

For expert training; obedience, hunting or for a specific purpose, the professional staff works with dogs from countries around the world including Spain, UK, Latin America and the United States.

From hunting dogs to great family pets, the professional staff at our Palm Tree Kennel provides a dog search service for any type of dog you desire. They have access to the best of the breeds worldwide, and can import the pedigree pup of your choice. If you are interested, please inquire at the Shooting Center.

For information about training and boarding at the Palm Tree Kennels, send an inquiry to: