Casa de Campo


Locations in Altos de Chavon

No other destination can match the dramatic impact and memory of an event under the stars at Casa de Campo´s Altos de Chavon village. Whether your event is held in the middle of the Plaza, poolside or adjacent to one of the Museums at the village, we promise, guaranteed years form now, your attendees will remember your event held here!

Plaza Chavón

Cocktail Receptions: 50 - 600 people
Buffet-style Dinner: 50 - 600 people


Museum Plaza

Cocktail Receptions and/or Dinners: 100 - 300 people


Chavón Terrace

Cocktail Receptions: 80 people
Buffet-style Dinner: 60 people
Buffet-style Dinner with DJ & Dance Floor: 40 people

La Piazzetta Restaurant Terrace

Cocktail Receptions: 100 people
Plated Dinners: 100 people


Piazzetta Terrace with Posada Area

Cocktail Receptions: 200 people
Buffet-style Dinner: 150 people


Dye Fore Terrance

Cocktail Receptions: 100 people
Buffet-style Dinner: 60 people



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