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Shooting Options

“Shooting here is great fun as there is such a tremendous diversity each day,” stated one guest coming out of the Safari Clubhouse. With over 200 stations featuring Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays along with a Pigeon Ring and a new Bird Preserve, the Casa de Campo Shooting Center provides endless options for the novice and expert alike, as well as for team building and competitive shooting.

A sport since 1793, trap shooting is a sport of action, movement, and demands impeccable split-second timing. Trap stands project clay targets away from the shooter to simulate a bird in flight, fleeing from a predator. When shooting trap, shooters fire repeatedly at a 4 inch clay disc launched at speeds of up to 41 mph.

Casa de Campo's eight station American Skeet Shooting field, evolved from the 1923 blueprint in which shooters stand outside of two circles (approx. 63 feet wide each) in a attempt to break two clays simultaneously projected into the air at varying heights, one from a low tower and one from a high tower, and crossing in front of the shooter at some point.


Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays provide realistic hunting simulations of grouse, partridge, pheasant, duck, rabbit and quail. All clays move at different heights and speeds to test the shooters range of skill. One of the most popular stations replicates a combination of running rabbits and flying birds - simultaneously. The clays require shooters to fire up to 10 shots per station, for a total of 100 shots. The tower, one of the tallest in the world, dominates the 10th station, projecting clays from three levels up to 45 yards into the sky!

Due to its immense size and design, the Shooting Center easily accommodates every level of shooter, from beginner to top marksman. Our Professional Staff eases first time shooters quickly into the thrill of hitting the clay target, and smaller gauge guns are available for ladies and children or men who relish the challenge. For shooters who frequent the resort, the Shooting Center staff changes the clay flight patterns daily so you can experience the unexpected with each and every shoot. Shooting jackets, ear plugs or muffs and protective glasses are provided for shooters and spectators alike.


A new adventure for the experienced shooter

New to the Shooting Center is a Bird Preserve, located in the rolling Dominican hills, it sets the stage for shoots of driven pheasant, partridge and mallard. Private shoots are tailored to individual requirements and are offered on specific days, year-round. Walked up quail shooting over beautiful pointers is also available in the early morning or late afternoon.

Also for the experienced shooter

At the Pigeon Rings, birds are released, one at a time, and the shooter has two shots to down the bird inside the ring. This is a very challenging sport because once a pigeon has been missed a few times it becomes an elusive target... very wily and flying fast... creating a difficult test for even skilled marksmen. The fallen birds are then donated to the needy.

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Skeet & Trap – 25 shots



25 Skeet or Trap Lesson with instructor





100 Sporting lesson with instructor:


Sporting Clays – 100 shots








Chief Coach





Assist. Instructor



*All shooting prices include fee, clays, tax and service charge