Casa de Campo


Altos de Chavon

Enjoy the "thrill of the hunt" for that one-of-a-kind unique gift or treasure at one of our many shops or boutiques where you can buy everything from inexpensive trinkets and Dominican crafts to fine jewelry, luxury yachts and villa homes, or simply relax and enjoy a leisurely afternoon of "retail therapy". No matter how you like to play this sport, shopping at Casa de Campo is paradise found!

At our 45+ retail stores, shop for Casa de Campo logo apparel, fine cigars, fabulous island and Italian fashions, indigenous gems and jewels, something "typically Dominican," natural spa products, original art and ceramics, and much, much more.


To purchase unique, traditional and handmade arts and crafts. In store you will find hand carved plates and models, genuine Haitian and Dominican paintings, traditional Dominican carnaval masks, wicker bowls and baskets, wooden table decorations and even furniture – all hand made by skilled Dominican, Haitian and Caribbean craftsman.

Jenny Polanco Project Casa del Rio, Altos de Chavón Open daily: 9am – 6pm Tel: 809-925-1899

Everett Designs

Unique jewelry collections of amber, rare treasure coins, larimar, pearls and coral all elegantly mounted in 18K gold and sterling silver.
Open: 9am - 8pm

Dye Fore Pro Shop

Find all golf accessories needed for a perfect game on the amazing Dye Fore course.
Open: 7am - 6pm

Altos de Chavón Art Studios by Emilio Robba

Famous French/Italian designer Emilio Robba once again joins forces with Casa De Campo to direct the Art Studios at Altos de Chavon. Nature and color are the true source of inspiration for Emilio Robba. He started his career studying at the prestigious Beaux-Arts school in Paris. Recognized worldwide as 'The Sculpture of Flowers", Robba has created works for many illustrious brands from Pierre Cardin, Hermes and Lalique, to his latest partnership with legendary French glassmaker Daum. "The opportunity to work with talented Dominican designers and craftsmen is a great pleasure for me." said Mr. Robba. "My goal for the Art studios at Altos de Chavon is to create art that combines the inspiration of the Dominican landscape with an awareness of worldwide design trends." Guests are invited to visit the ateliers and see the artisans creating beautiful pottery, tapestry and serigraphy artworks. Mr. Robba's collections combine masterful experience with a distinctive Dominican flavor. They can also be admired and purchased at the Art Studios Boutique located at the building southwest of Chavon's main plaza.
Open: 9am - 5pm

Tienda Batey

Fine linens handcrafted by women from the sugar plantations
Open: 8am - 8:45pm