Casa de Campo


Let us take you on a journey

Release your spirit and free all worries from your mind. Our Caribbean resort spa is a sanctuary of renewal. The body's vitality and youth are restored by ancient remedies and modern techniques. Yield to the healing power of touch as luxury spa technicians masterfully administer holistic services and products. Swim in the purity of tropical essences and organic elixirs. Delight in the myriad of pleasures offered by one of the top resort brands. From non-invasive therapies to nutritional supplements to pampering rituals of relaxation, your time at Casa de Campo Spa will be filled with the incomparable feeling of essential indulgence.

Casa de Campo Spa is open from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, seven days a week. For more information please contact Casa de Campo Spa ext. 8529



All of our treatment rooms are luxurious suites that can accommodate simultaneous treatments for couples, family members or friends.  An eco-friendly sanctuary, the Casa de Campo Spa  offers guests indoor and outdoor spa services, homeopathy, holistic beauty products from the Signature Collection and 100% natural body-treatment products made in small batches at the on-site Spa Pharmacy using indigenous ingredients. Guests have the choice of receiving their treatments surrounded by a lush Zen garden in one of the spacious spa suites, in one of the outdoor private gazebos on the resort’s private beach or in the seclusion of their private villa.  The products of the  Spa   can be purchased while vacationing at Casa de Campo in the Spa Boutique.

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The Holistic Health approach at the Casa de Campo Spa   incorporates both mind and body, taking the whole person into account - including nutrition. The components of what we breath, drink and eat express themselves in our bodies´ cells, tissues and organs - either by energizing us, or slowing us down.

Beyond the walls of our Spa and your Casa de Campo vacation, the reality of every day life begins again. The goal of the Casa de Campo Spa  and JB Holistic is to inspire you to take the best possible care of your body, from your Spa experience onward, so you can live a happy, healthy life.

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The soothing surroundings, quenching natural products and your revitalized state-of-mind after experiencing the  Casa de Campo Spa makes for a difficult return home. With our  Spa products, you can continue to pamper your skin with the same high quality products and care you experienced at the Spa. Line of natural cleansers, toners, serums, masques and moisturizers will keep your skin looking and feeling like you receive professional care each and every day.

The products of the  Casa de Campo Spa are 100% natural and can be purchased while vacationing at Casa de Campo.








As a professional international Racquetball, Golf and tennis player since the 70's, Tony has developed training and stretching programs based on the needs of the athletes and seniors with magnificent in therapy results, highlighting the areas most commonly affected like body stress and posture problems.



A combination of 6 techniques applied in one section, where Tony will identify your tension points, stretching and working on your feet, legs, neck and back.