Casa de Campo


Equestrian Center

Dozens of horses fill the stables at Casa de Campo´s Equestrian Center, which makes finding the proper pony as easy as a trail ride! Enjoy guided trail rides throughout the Villas Polo.

Expert staffing is on hand for lessons in English or Western-style riding and jumping. Guests of Casa de Campo may also request instruction in grooming techniques or rodeo stunts.

Private guides can be arranged for individuals or groups. For young children, rides are available on Anita, Juanito and Miguelito, the center´s three ponies. Special private trail rides can also be arranged. Please note: long pants and closed shoes are required to ride at the center. Children must be over 7 years of age or have prior riding experience.



If you´re seeking the thrill of polo, the Casa de Campo facilities are among the best in the Caribbean! Consisting of three playing fields, one practice field and the largest string of polo ponies under a single brand in the world, there is no place better to enjoy this rigorous and engaging sport!

Equipment, group instruction and personalized training are available for beginners and medium-goal players. Guests may hire ponies for stick and ball tournaments and families can compete against each other in matches held each week.

Regular polo matches are played throughout the week during the season, which begins in early November and ends in April. Domestic cups and international tournaments are organized during the season and all rated teams are encouraged to enter.



Seasoned riders can become expert jumpers* while vacationing at Casa de Campo! Jumping is not only a sport, but also a unique ability that requires expert riding and handling of the horse. Whether you are a novice at jumping or would like to polish existing skill, Casa de Campo hotel guests can learn the necessary skills with our well-trained horses and expert staff. Learn how to properly handle a horse for jumping, the appropriate personal posture needed and special techniques used to guide the horse to jump.

*Jumping lessons are offered only to experienced riders.




English or Western, the choice is yours. Our trail rides take you on scenic one-hour rides through the Villas Polo. Basic riding lessons are available year round for children of all ages and novice adults. Private guides are also available for individuals and groups.


Whatever your interest at the Equestrian Center, lessons with our professionals can transform you into an expert. Ask a reservations specialist about scheduling lessons or inquire with the concierge when you arrive at the resort.


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Even those who have never ridden will have a chance to become championship polo players just by adding a cowboy spirit, the game of polo and our own Dominican burros! Families of all ages, corporate sales executives and their CEOs... all complete on an equal playing field when participating in this highly competitive sport. Even if you have never played polo, or even ridden a donkey, you can play Donkey Polo!